Monday, 14 May 2018

Bringing Art to the Board Room!

Today we were invited to deliver a session on mindful art journaling at The National Headquarters of The Youth Hostel Association for mental Health Awareness Week.
Its great to see a corporation allowing their staff a moment of me time in the busy working week.
We really enjoyed delivering this session it was lovely to see the staff get engaged with art again as for some they hadn't done any since school.
We explained that art journaling is for anyone you don't need permission to be creative its your personal journal to put into it what you like.
We didn't know how the session would be received but we were thrilled with the results some real emotion came out on to the page it was fabulous and inspiring we hope that they continue in some way with creativity.
It was also fun turning a board room into an art room so any other companies out there let us know if we can bring art to your board room too!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Water Soluble Workshop

We are currently half way through our workshops for 2018, last week was the wonderful world of water soluble oils and the freedom and flexibility they give you as an artist.
During the workshop our participants explored the traditional method of using oils with the fat over lean principle, the use of a palette knife and a looser and even semi abstract way of applying this versatile medium.
Lunch was provided and it was a great day all round our next workshops can be viewed here: 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Purple and Grey Artist Interview with Sylvia Oxspring.

Who are you and what do you do?

  My name is Sylvia Oxspring.  I am an artist working out of my studio in Kelstedge. Art is my hobby and I love to paint in my spare time. My time is limited like everyone else, but I like to spend a little time for art each day, even if it’s just preparing canvases or just sketching, watching tutorials, or planning the next piece. I thought I’d left it to late in my life to start painting, but they say it’s never too late and I’m really pleased I decided to give it a go!

How long have you been painting?

About five years but more seriously in the last two years I suppose since I’ve had somewhere separate to the living areas of the house to create art.

Have you recently got into painting or have you always painted?

  I have always wanted to paint, I always liked drawing and just doodling. I did a little painting during my teens, but then other things got in the way work, marriage, children, all the usual things, but the itching to paint was always with me so I decided to get started.

You have attended many purple and grey art group sessions what are the advantages of being part of a group?

 I think the purple and grey art group has been great for me, it is good meeting other people and talking about all things art and realising that other people have the same anxieties it helps build my confidence to just go for it.

Have you got your own studio if so describe it to us?

  I am very lucky, my husband made me a studio out of the outhouse that was at the front of the house. It’s not huge but it’s a good space He built a porch and attached it to the outhouse which he dry lined put on a new roof and fitted under floor heating it’s great. So, I have no excuses now I have to get on with it.

For the future what do you hope to achieve with your art?

I want to improve my work, I try different mediums and techniques, trying to develop an accomplished style.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Artist Call Out for Fresh and Unframed


Purple and Grey FRESH AND UNFRAMED 29th & 30th June 2018


 Purple and Grey will man this event, you just need to drop off and collect at the specific times. 

 OPTION 1 - £15 enter up to 5 artworks and we provide browser 
 OPTION 2 - £35 FILL & BRING YOUR OWN BROWSER with your own work 

 PayPal to: 
Or pay in cash on delivery of art work. Just let us know via email that you are entering

Work can be delivered at our art group June 6th or 20th between 10.30 - 12pm or: Friday June 29th: Artwork Delivery 9.30 am to 11.00 am to Tansley Village Hall Artwork will not be accepted outside of these times.

Friday 29th June 5.30 - 8pm - Open Evening artists asked to attend and bring friends and family. Saturday 30th June 11.00 am – 4.00 pm daily 

Further information can be found here along with the entry forms   

Monday, 9 April 2018

Painting and Platters
May 9th 10 - 2 pm
Tansley Village Hall
Church Street, Tansley, 

Matlock DE4 5FH

Discover the wonderful world of water soluble oils and the freedom and flexibility they give you as an artist.

This Workshop will explore the traditional method of using oils with the fat over lean principle, the use of a palette knife and then a more loose and even semi abstract way of applying this versatile medium. The work and knowledge explored during the workshop can be interpreted to any subject so you are welcome to bring your own reference material.

Bring your own brushes and paints or use ours but please bring a large 2” flat brush, palette knife, baby wipes, apron, a small canvas board up to 10” x 8” and a large canvas around 40/50 cm.  Please bring something to transport home too as they will still be wet!
We will also provide the lunch and endless hot drinks as required so you can enjoy the art.

Workshop cost £45.

To book please email: and mention any special dietary requirements.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Guest Workshops Drama in Watercolour Landscapes Bill Lupton

Date: April 11th

Tansley Village Hall
Church Street, Tansley, 
Matlock DE4 5FH

Bill Lupton is an experienced artist, tutor, and ambassador for the SAA and St Cuthbert’s Mill. He runs regular workshops, demonstrations, painting classes and holidays: and is Chairman of his local art group. He enjoys creating atmospheric and dramatic images with strong colour and a wide tonal range, many of which are in private collections around the world.
During this workshop you will work along with Bill to create 2 completely different landscape paintings, one concentrating on the importance of tone, and the other focussing on the use of colour to create depth.
The day will be quite informal, and Bill will work with you ‘step-by-step’ to ensure each painting is completed.

Suitable for all abilities (including beginners)
ALL materials will be provided for this workshop.
To find out more about Bill and his work please visit
Workshop Cost: £45
How to book: Text or Call – 07572 33 44 77

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Inspire and Inform Workshop at Oscari

Curly a rose between two thorns!
Yesterday we were priviledged to have been invited to Oscari to conduct an Inspire and Inform Workshop and we must say we left feeling incredibly inspired as the quiet talent of this group was breath taking.
We started by saying a bit about ourselves and our own beginnings and mentioned what Purple and Grey can offer an aspiring artist maker. We then asked if anyone had anything they wanted to share with us and one by one hidden gems appeared from underneath the table! Just look at the quality of some of the work below. It was brilliant to see such intricate work and hear how it was made we are missing a picture of a large cross stitch that took five years to make! Thats dedication!

Oscari is an incredibly important for the local community  and the work they do is amazing the community spirit we felt was very moving and heart warming we had such a lovely welcoming time there.

Read Oscari Mission Statement Below.
OSCARI was formed in January of 2016 following several years of research, work and activity around the villages of Ironville and Riddings.

We want to make a difference, by supporting and encouraging each other to change together.​

We want to run more activities, facilitate more groups, help more people and see more of where we live improve and grow.

We already have a number of successful projects and are always on the look out for new and exciting ideas to move forward together in the future.

Just some of the things they offer are:
Craft Group
Youth Spirit Craft Group
Community Eatting
Community Allotment
Peaced Together- This is a brand new course aimed at woman of all ages, bringing hope, peace and purpose through creative activities and reflective discussion. Our course facilitator will lead you through a series of craft themed sessions, aimed at rebuilding confidence and self esteem.

Take a look at their website here:

If you are a group who would like us to visit and run a workshop please get in touch.