Wednesday, 13 July 2016

On Location With House Doctor Chanel Five

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to go on a show for Channel 5, of course we said yes as we are up for anything!

 So a very rainy Wednesday in Winster we started filming for the show House Doctor. You couldnt have picked a wetter day and as we stood out side the property we had no idea what to expect.
The House Doctor premise is of making homeowners aware how their property appears to others and what they need to do to improve their chances of getting the house sold.
We were the 'others' the crew were very careful not to reveal any room to us until they had set up the cameras and we walked in, so what you will see on the show is our true first reactions.

The first week we were filmed looking around the whole property and we commented on different areas that needed to be improved. It was a fast learning curve as we often talk over each other so we had to learn to stop and listen to each other for a change!

After the filming our tapes were shown to the home owners who agreed along with the designers what improvements needed to be done to the property, our property had been on the market for 20 months so some work was required!

The second day of filming was much brighter with no rain and we were eager to see what had changed!
We were kept waiting until the crew were ready and it was very tempting to have a peek but we didnt!

It was so exciting and when we finally saw the rooms we were filmed as we walked in and the transformation was fantastic the house had been totally changed. We both spoke about our impressions of the make over and gave a small summary and because we answer for each other we had five takes on the last sentences!
The whole experience was brilliant and we got expenses too so we had a power lunch afterwards with the proceeds!
Of course we had to give the equipment ago too! But I dont think we really know which end points where!

So look out for House Doctor Episode 14 later in the year you may catch a glimspe of Purple and Grey!
read all about the new House Doctor series here 

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