Friday, 19 January 2018

Soup,Spills and Thrills

Last Wednesday we commenced the first  of our lunch and learn workshops, we thought we would share the results from the day.
Grey was on duty as the facilitator  and began the day with a quick discussion about still life its purpose and possible usefulness to the group in their future paintings. Composition was experimented with and this was followed by more tea and coffee.
The rest of the morning involved tone and looking at shadows in relation to an object which in this case was Greys sons birthday balloons!

Purple had the serious task of providing the lunch element and beavered away in the beautiful Tansley Hall kitchen setting out a fine table for our participants. 

Unfortunately her skills do not extend to serving soup and promptly dispatched of a bowl of leek and potatoe all over Grey. Which caused much merriment and reminded us all of the fabulous Julie Walters as Mrs Overall.
We shall be sending Purple to catering college immediately!

The afternoon progressed in a much more orderly fashion and our participants did a great job of arranging and depicting a still life as you can see from the photos below.

Please join us for our next lunch and learn workshop where you can see for yourself the excellent service skills of Purple Overall! 

Charcoal and Chocolate will be February 14th at Tansley Village Hall 10 - 2 pm £45 please see our website for booking details here.

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