Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Inspire and Inform Workshop at Oscari

Curly a rose between two thorns!
Yesterday we were priviledged to have been invited to Oscari to conduct an Inspire and Inform Workshop and we must say we left feeling incredibly inspired as the quiet talent of this group was breath taking.
We started by saying a bit about ourselves and our own beginnings and mentioned what Purple and Grey can offer an aspiring artist maker. We then asked if anyone had anything they wanted to share with us and one by one hidden gems appeared from underneath the table! Just look at the quality of some of the work below. It was brilliant to see such intricate work and hear how it was made we are missing a picture of a large cross stitch that took five years to make! Thats dedication!

Oscari is an incredibly important for the local community  and the work they do is amazing the community spirit we felt was very moving and heart warming we had such a lovely welcoming time there.

Read Oscari Mission Statement Below.
OSCARI was formed in January of 2016 following several years of research, work and activity around the villages of Ironville and Riddings.

We want to make a difference, by supporting and encouraging each other to change together.​

We want to run more activities, facilitate more groups, help more people and see more of where we live improve and grow.

We already have a number of successful projects and are always on the look out for new and exciting ideas to move forward together in the future.

Just some of the things they offer are:
Craft Group
Youth Spirit Craft Group
Community Eatting
Community Allotment
Peaced Together- This is a brand new course aimed at woman of all ages, bringing hope, peace and purpose through creative activities and reflective discussion. Our course facilitator will lead you through a series of craft themed sessions, aimed at rebuilding confidence and self esteem.

Take a look at their website here:

If you are a group who would like us to visit and run a workshop please get in touch. 

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