Monday, 14 May 2018

Bringing Art to the Board Room!

Today we were invited to deliver a session on mindful art journaling at The National Headquarters of The Youth Hostel Association for mental Health Awareness Week.
Its great to see a corporation allowing their staff a moment of me time in the busy working week.
We really enjoyed delivering this session it was lovely to see the staff get engaged with art again as for some they hadn't done any since school.
We explained that art journaling is for anyone you don't need permission to be creative its your personal journal to put into it what you like.
We didn't know how the session would be received but we were thrilled with the results some real emotion came out on to the page it was fabulous and inspiring we hope that they continue in some way with creativity.
It was also fun turning a board room into an art room so any other companies out there let us know if we can bring art to your board room too!

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