Thursday, 12 July 2018

Purple and Grey Artist Interview with Influencer Katie Jobling

We noticed that Derbyshire Artist Katie Jobling is having a huge global influence on social media with her wonderful compelling you tube videos and social media feeds her timelines are beautiful and she now has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers who tune in for her inspirational lifestyle and art. We felt you should take a look and be inspired too, so we took some time out to chat with her while she was demonstrating at her current solo exhibition at Cromford Studio and Gallery which is on until July 31st.

Q: Hi Katie we are so excited you want to do a blog with us, first could you tell our followers how you started painting and a bit about your journey as an artist?

A:Thanks for having me! I’ve always been fascinated by art, by the freedom of it. How these little blobs of colour can create something completely unique. I took painting seriously in around 2013 after struggling with my mental health. I found it was something to focus on, and it kept me going. Since then, it’s become a part of me & my everyday life. I never expected it to become a ‘job’, but after years of working in an office, I’m so pleased it has. 

Q: Purple and Grey are in awe of your social media skills you have managed to build an incredible following on You Tube (125,424 subscribers)  and Instagram (33.8K) and not too shabby on Twitter and Facebook can you tell us how you keep your followers interested and updated?

A:Social media can be such an organic & honest way to share your work with others. For me, it’s my main marketing tool. My social media grew when I shared my process, not just photos of completed work. To grow your social media, it’s important to think what you can offer to the viewer. I’m truly grateful for the support of my followers, they keep me going! 

Q:Our followers are interested in You Tube and all its possibilities what equipment do you use to record yourself and could you describe the process for example do you wait till the house is empty to avoid interruptions! (Thinking of our friend whose kitten walks across the camera all the time!)

A:To record my videos I use my DSLR and iMovie to edit. I usually get my camera setup in front of a bright window, and pretend it’s my friend I’m talking to. There are no rules with YouTube, that’s what’s kinda scary about it! It’s a platform you can share what you want, in whichever way you want. On one hand people appreciate the professional videos, but they love the raw, untouched footage too. Personally I think a kitten running across, would only bring in more views! 

(The Kitten was a hit!)

Q:Your Instagram feed is beautiful as is all your output, how much time do you put into branding or has it evolved over time, we are thinking fonts, colours logos etc….

A:Thank you so much! It definitely is something that evolves over time, and I think it always will be. However I have made a conscious effort to keep everything on-brand. Using the same filters on my photos, and I always layout my Instagram prior to uploading so I can see what looks good together. UNUM is such a great app for that! I’m heavily interested in graphic design, so all that is still part of the creative process for me. 

Q:Who would you say has influenced you that perhaps you could pass on to our artists?

A:There are so many and it changes regularly. I adore Laura Jones in Australia, her work is painterly floral and has such a great flow with beautifully vibrant colours. Also Dion Salvador Lloyd’s work is beautifully mysterious that I can’t stop looking at it when I need inspiration. They’re just a couple, but I am influenced by every artist in some way. There passion to create is inspiring in itself. 

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