Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Christmas Art Group 3rd Birthday

Christmas Art Group & 3rd Birthday! 

We would like to invite you all friends old and new to our final Christmas art group meet of the year it also happens to be our third birthday party too. It would be lovely to see all our friends whether you just come to our networking outings or have had a consultation with us it is about getting together to say thank you to you all. We have had a great third year going from strength to strength we have run our second Fresh and Unframed exhibition and also an art cafe along with trips out to the Harley Gallery and Deda.
It's always a pleasure to see artists we have helped go from strength to strength and they certainly have so use this day to meet others find out more and learn about all our new activities for next year as well as pick up a brand new leaflet with all our dates for next year.

November 21st 10.30 - 12.30
  Tansley Village Hall Church Street, Tansley, Matlock DE4 5FH

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Purple and Grey Artists Interview with Cognissart Textile Artist

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Alison Wake, Im a Textile Artist. I work under the brand name Cognissart. My artworks are usually landscapes inspired by the Peak District where I live and take the form of hand embroideries, often using locally sourced, hand dyed wool. Using a free had technique I “paint with thread and yarn”.

How long have you been a textile artist?
Just over a year! However, I have always been an artist and have painted and drawn all my life, albeit as a hobby. Likewise I have always had an interest in textiles – embroidery, cross stitch, knitting etc. I was first inspired to experiment with freehand embroidery by a family heirloom – a tiny freehand embroidery by my paternal grandmother depicting bluebell woods near her home in Yorkshire. In emulating her technique I found the perfect medium to express my love of the Peak District landscape where I live. 

What subjects inspire your art?
Living in the Peak District National Park, I am inspired by the micro and macro landscapes surrounding me. Whilst walking the paths and trails I see, hear, smell and feel the natural and man-made features which make this area so unique. I try to communicate my experience through the colour, texture and imagery of my pictures.  Although the natural beauty of the area may obvious to many I am also influenced by the impact of humanity on the landscape and my images often draw on industrial and agricultural features.

Has your association with purple and grey helped your art career?
Despite having had a successful career in sales and marketing, starting my own business and “getting into the local art scene” was quite a daunting prospect. I attended several Purple and Grey networking events and through these met a number of local artists. Discussions at these events have helped me establish my brand and understand the local market.

Have you got your own studio if so describe it to us?
Yes I do have a “studio” although it really just comprises a comfy seat and storage area in an airy, well lit loft space. Embroidery is a very convenient medium. It's not (too) messy and, luckily for me, it's very portable. I keep each individual project in its own project bag which I can take just about anywhere. So, although I have my nice sunny work area, in reality I work all over - including the waiting area whilst my son has his drum lesson; or even the sofa of I'm feeling sociable; but perhaps my favourite place is the garden “en plein air”.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

The Remarkable Art Cafe Blog

What a day! The Remarkable Art Cafe yesterday was a beautiful event at a great venue The Remarkable Hare Pub. We all wondered if hosting an event in a high street pub would work but as one visitor pointed out 'I came in for a drink with my wife and now I've bought her a silver necklace!'
Which just goes to show you never know where your customers may be and its sometimes worth trying other venues not usually associated with art. 
So it did fit in with Purple and Grey's ethos of taking art out into the community and encouraging as many people as possible to have access to it.
Below are some images of the event and if you are an organisation or group of artists do contact the pub to see if they would host any more art cafes. 
We are about to take possession of our new leaflets with all next years events listed so please look out for them in a venue near you soon.

Purple and Grey would also like to send our condolences to the family of Simon from In the Flow art shop Matlock, Simon had been a superb supporter of our group and often referred artists to us we had plans to work with him in 2019, we are very sorry to hear about his untimely death. We wish his friends and family love at this time.
Purple and Grey.