Monday, 28 January 2019

Art class is good for your health!

Finally, the government is waking up to what Purple and Grey have known all along coming along to an art class is good for your health.
It has been reported today on the BBC radio and Sky news that GPs will soon be sending patients to art class. Well, this is not news to us we know that sitting in a lovely warm room full of friendly people every so often painting pictures is hugely good for mental health and a fab way of beating loneliness.

Purple and Grey have been attending art class nearly as long as colour television has been around and they have always found it a great way to meet new people and socialise with the added benefit of learning something along the way.
When you have moved around or had a long career or even lost a loved one, it's hard to maintain local connections but with art, you can always pick up a paintbrush and get along to an art class or group anywhere at any time and know you will be welcomed.
Artists are extremely friendly people and immediately you can get along by talking about paint!
You don't need a prescription to join us just turn up at one of our meetings and you will be welcomed.

Tansley Village Hall
To contact us for more information about joining in email: 

To find out more about social prescribing read this

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Take part in some art this year! Open exhibitions in the Peak District.

Opportunities to be involved in this year:

Time to be inspired by the Peak District and take advantage of the many shows and competitions available to artists in the region.

Submissions are now open for The Green Man Gallery Annual Open Exhibition: The Spring Gathering 2019. Now in its fourth year, the exhibition is open to any 2D or 3D artist living or working in the Peak District and its borders.
This year's exhibition will run from Friday 29th March to Wednesday 24th April with a launch of the exhibition at the Spring Gathering Social & Networking Event on Friday 29th March from 6.30 to 9.30pm.
Submission deadline: 8th March
Delivery of work: 16th to 25th March
The submission fee is still only £5 per entry; maximum of two entries per artist (small work can be grouped as one entry).
Submission guidelines and forms are available by emailing our Events Manager, Caroline Small, at

Staffordshire Moorlands Open Art Exhibition 2019
The Nicholson Museum and Art Gallery showcase the talents of often otherwise unseen local artists.
Open Art is an increasingly popular annual event organised as part of the Leek Arts Festival.
Contact the Tourist Information Centre for more information on 01538 395530 or email

Buxton Spa Prize
Look out for submission dates and information here:
Derbyshire Open Art Competition2019
Entry forms for the next Derbyshire Open Art Competition will be available from Easter 2019.
Dame Catherine Art Exhibition
In August Ticknall Derbyshire hosts the biggest independent art show outside of London, with a chance to exhibit alongside professional and celebrated local, national and international artists. Any artist of any ability working in any medium is invited to exhibit. In 2018 they had over 180 artists and over 1200 pieces of work being displayed.
Ticknall Village Hall and School, Ingleby Lane, Ticknall, Derbyshire. DE73 7JW.

Matlock Bath Pro Loco 2019 competition is now OPEN!!  This year sees the 40th anniversary of the competition. 
The competition this year will close on 11th October.  Entrants are required to ‘drop off’ their work in Matlock Bath on 12th or 13th October.  Work will then be displayed in the Pump Room of the Mining Museum on Saturday 19th October 2019.  Members of the public will vote for their favourite.  Voting will be between 1.00-4.00 pm. 

Fresh and Unframed
Fresh and Unframed is an Art Exhibition aimed at both emerging and established artists. The idea is that by exhibiting unframed works, the prices can be kept low, and that people can choose to have original artwork on their walls.

No selection process - open to all

Meet the Artist event on Friday evening and exhibition on Saturday

The works are not to exceed £100 in value. Works can be 2D and up to one metre in size. Work must be original.

Purple and Grey will man this event, you just need to drop off and collect at the specific times.

OPTION 1 - £15 enter up to 5 artworks and we provide browser
OPTION 2 - £35 FILL & BRING YOUR OWN BROWSER with your own work

Sign up here for expressions of interest: