Monday, 28 January 2019

Art class is good for your health!

Finally, the government is waking up to what Purple and Grey have known all along coming along to an art class is good for your health.
It has been reported today on the BBC radio and Sky news that GPs will soon be sending patients to art class. Well, this is not news to us we know that sitting in a lovely warm room full of friendly people every so often painting pictures is hugely good for mental health and a fab way of beating loneliness.

Purple and Grey have been attending art class nearly as long as colour television has been around and they have always found it a great way to meet new people and socialise with the added benefit of learning something along the way.
When you have moved around or had a long career or even lost a loved one, it's hard to maintain local connections but with art, you can always pick up a paintbrush and get along to an art class or group anywhere at any time and know you will be welcomed.
Artists are extremely friendly people and immediately you can get along by talking about paint!
You don't need a prescription to join us just turn up at one of our meetings and you will be welcomed.

Tansley Village Hall
To contact us for more information about joining in email: 

To find out more about social prescribing read this

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