Sunday, 8 September 2019

What is important for artists?

This year has been a little quieter for Purple and Grey as our focus has moved towards creating art and building up our art group we have perhaps changed our focus because we realise that what is great for artists is to be able to find a space to meet and just do!
Whilst selling your work is fabulous we believe that it's more important to celebrate making for the sake of making. If you haven't seen it already watch Shelia Hannocks programme about watercolours we highly recommend it on iplayer here. In this programme she celebrates the amateur which she describes as someone who does it for love where she looks at the work of traveling artists who document their travels in watercolours not intended for gallery walls but as keepsake memories.
We have five more meetings this year at our Tansley art group then next year we have 29 meetings with the addition of Belper as a new venue.
At these groups, we really do celebrate creating and encouragement in these turbulent times its nice to find a quiet space to forget and concentrate on paint and paper. The only word beginning with B is Biscuit and thats as should be!
In case you didn't know Buxton Spa Prize is having a paint out day called Come  Rain or Shine Saturday, September 28th  and Grey will be taking part if you would like to join her let her know it should be fun day detail here:

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