Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Not the Big Art Weekend! But some good things to watch anyway here!

Well, this coming weekend we would have been holding our Big Art Weekend but instead, we are clearing out cupboards, painting the shed, and doing whatever to keep occupied.
Purple has been doing her impression of the great escape as when the lockdown was announced she was in the middle of New Zealand who had the biggest enforced social distancing operation on the planet! So against all the odds, she managed to secure one of the last flights out,( this photo shows her pilot being held at brush point so she can get home to Derbyshire!)

Grey has been sectioned by the government for twelve weeks and under strict enforcement to finish her fish and chip shop dissertation. In fact both Purple and Grey are vulnerable not that looking at them you'd think that! So there will be no sight of either of them for a while! This may be a blessing to some but don't be sad because as artists they have been practicing social distancing for years.

In case you have been missing the interactions of your fellow purple and grey members we have a few suggestions that will gladden your arty hearts.
Grayson Perry has started his art club on Channel Four its always nice to watch artists at work even if they aren't your style. Royal Academy website is full of great virtual content you can browse here are their top virtual days out. technically art but this is not to be missed the Winchester House in California is full of stairs to nowhere and cobweb window designs a wonderful virtual tour to immerse yourself in. you missing visiting parks and gardens around the country here are a few from heritage calling: Ross is on the BBC again we started watching this and although nearly all his paintings look the same there is something strangely soothing about his calm demeanor! lastly, spend some time traveling through time and around the UK with the Britain on Film map click on a place and you can see films from the past should keep you busy for days!
So we hope you enjoy those suggestions and we look forward very much to seeing you again soon.
Miss you all
Purple and Grey x